BREAKING: DiGenova-Mueller Admits He Was Handed “A Piece Of Crap On Collusion”

10 Sep

WMAL radio often has Former US Attorney, Joe DiGenova, on to discuss the weekly updates to the SpyGate saga. Today’s update, September 10, 2018, was rather fruitful, as DiGenova was making a lot of news.

1. Mueller has told close confidants he was handed “a piece of crap on collusion.” But investigated it further with no fruits.

2. DiGenova mentions, “James Baker, former FBI General Counsel, is a cooperating witness in a case against James Comey.”

3. DiGenova says there will be one more indictment related to Lying to the FBI. However “the Mueller Probe is coming to an end with NO indictments about collusion whatsoever.”

4. DiGenova: “This is going to be a bad next 30 days for a bunch of people in the FBI and DOJ under Obama.” This is in relation to the declassification of the FISA documents for Carter Page which is in processs.

5. DiGenova also brings up the January 5th, 2017 meeting with Rice, Yates, Biden, Comey, and Obama. He says “[It] was a meeting to discuss how Sally Yates was going to get Michael Flynn. And the President of the United States, Barack Obama, was directly involved in these discussions.” This is another bombshell itself, and deserves a whole article. Suffice to say, I don’t have the time to suss out all the legal and ethical contradictions there are compared to the treatment of President Trump. This whole interview just blew me away. Listen for yourself.



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One Response to “BREAKING: DiGenova-Mueller Admits He Was Handed “A Piece Of Crap On Collusion””

  1. Donna Langstaff Propper 09/11/2018 at 10:53 am #

    As a real Patriot, I’ve been living through the corrupt government for Many years. Not just under Obama (although he was the worst…corruption on steroids), but under many presidents before him. All these presidents working very hard toward the New World Order. Finally after much prayer from Americans and around the world, we have a true Patriot as our president. He will be remembered as our Best president ever. We the people, the deplorables, the stinky Walmart people, (by the way I’m a professional with a degree) have been following all the exposing of the deep state/shadow government for many months. We have hope that the swamp will continue to be drained and all the corrupt deep state players will continue to be exposed for who they really are and the evil they have participated in for years. When the hammer finally drops, many won’t believe what they hear as it will be like ‘shock and awe’ to them. The info that will be given will make them sick and they won’t know how to process. Pray for America and it’s citizens during this time of turmoil. May God continue to bless America as she gets back on track once again.

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